What's the motivation for adapting LS cylinder heads to a small-block Chevrolet engine? Why not just go out and buy a used LS-series? It's a modern power unit; it's bestowed with high flowing heads, it's readily available and it's affordable…all the benefits you could desire. Except there's a catch—  

Further news from MGI:

  Unique buttons: piston pin retention designs for Pro Mod and big turbos

Gibtec Pistons has announced unique piston pin retention buttons. Their latest design for Pro Mod and big turbo racing engines incorporate a radial locking feature.

  Eddie fixes downside of serpentine belt kits

This week Eddie Motorsports has unveiled their most important new product in over a year: eight-rib serpentine pulley kits. Cleverly, this pulley kit is fully independent; it doesn't rely on various cylinder head mountings. Instead it uses the water pump's mounting base for consistent trouble-free installation.

  Ever thought of stunt car driving?

If you could rock a double-decker London bus up onto two wheels and drive it into the Guinness Book of Records you might consider it a triumph you wouldn't forget. Though I didn't know Bobby Ore was the driver at the time...

  New clutch concept for modern Muscle cars, dual- and triple-disc

For some time, Ram Clutches had been seeking lighter pedal effort on high performance clutch systems while maintaining adequate clamping loads but couldn't devise a diaphragm pivot arrangement within the traditional steel cover assembly to achieve it.

So, to develop their new series of clutches for contemporary Muscle cars, they set about constructing

  The 14th annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion®

presented by AAA Insurance, is heading back to historic Beech Bend Raceway Park and beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky, Father's Day weekend, June 16-18.

  Why Turbocharging? Simple advice for beginners

In the Aftermarket, turbocharging is a relatively easy way to significantly increase the power density of an engine. Turbocharger compressors are in simplest terms a centrifugal pump, which draws in ambient air though an air filter and compresses it prior to directing it to the intake.

  Servicing Mass Airflow Sensors

The MAF measures the air flow into the engine. This data is mainly used by the engine controller (ECU) to determine fuel injector pulse width. The MAF output is also combined in an algorithm with the outputs from the crankshaft and throttle position sensors to determine engine load. This influences both fuel and ignition timing.

  FIRE and the poignant story of endurance road racer Stephen Cox

He begins: It was the same sound you hear when you pour too much lighter fluid on the charcoal as you're preparing a Fourth of July barbecue. A giant "whoosh" followed by a flash of flame.

Except it was a thousand times louder. And it wasn't charcoal that was on fire. It was me.

  First power steering tester reveals more than you might wish to know

It's common knowledge that the entry of one foreign particle in the power steering system can damage the pump. Even if the pump survives the ordeal the refuse will momentarily zap engine power each time it passes through the rotor housing easily consuming 10hp, according to KRC's new and unique steering pump tester.

  How Stef's developed first crankcase vacuum pump kits for drag racing engines

One night in the dyno room at Jenkins Competition in the early 1990s, engine builder Gary Stropko and shop foreman Stevie Johns were discussing the merits of scavenging the gases from John's Competition Eliminator engine and wondered what might happen if....

  Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces New Superlite Front Brake Kits for the 1982-1992 Chevrolet Camaro

Wilwood's forged aluminum Superlite 6R radial mount calipers and 12.88" or 14.00" diameter Spec37 alloy directional vane two-piece rotors are combined in these all new brake upgrade packages for the 3rd Gen Camaro.

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