Premium Hemi heads with Boss-style valve covers and Jesel rocker system for small-block Fords.  Hammerhead Performance Engines is entering the final stages of production of unique Hemi heads for Fords. With an emphasis on completeness, the innovative head kits will include cast aluminum Hemi-style valve covers, a Jesel 1.7:1 ratio rocker system and all the necessary valve and spring assemblies as well as gaskets.  

Further news from MGI:

  Five common supercharger doubts:

Here are the most common:

1) What camshaft spec is best?
2) Compression ratios and intercoolers...
3) What increases in power can I expect?
4) Carburetors and regulators...
5) EFI, injectors, pumps and tuning...

  Harmonic balancers: Free advice on selecting them

It's easy to underestimate the cost of a deficient harmonic balancer. But they can have a profound effect on the fortunes of the able race engine—a natural enemy of crank and bearings.

With the engine running, camshafts and crankshafts vibrate torsionally (in twist) and, as the saying goes, for every action there's a reaction. Camshafts are affected by the forces...

  There's road racing…then there's Irish road racing!

It's an eccentric hundred-year-old tradition that functions by applying to local councils for permission to close public roads for several hours during which time road racing can be conducted. You might have thought such racing to be extinct such is its potential danger. Not a bit – and what's more its entry ranks are overflowing.

  California Hot Rod Reunion® at Bakersfield: Mark your calendars!

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the California Hot Rod Reunion® presented by Automobile Club of Southern California is a BIG deal since those folks 25-years ago just thought we were only going to do it once!

The Reunion continues to be the place to renew old friendships, meet legends, your heroes, and just have a great time.

  Art Chrisman

Henry Arthur Chrisman died on July 12, 2016 at the age of 86. He was a driver, fabricator, race engine builder and pioneer in post World War II speed tests and drag racing.

Says Tom Mongoose McEwen, "As a drag racer, Art Chrisman was responsible for the first thrust of innovative leadership in our sport. Initially, he mounted a crank-driven supercharger at the front of the engine, operating on 1:1 ratio.

  How steering columns relate to ergonomics.

If you aspire to own or build a great hot rod, especially a street rod, never take the positioning of a steering column for granted. Variations in cockpit and seat dimensions, particularly seat height, as well as steering wheel design and human proportions play an important role.

  Garlits on Nitromethane

"To my understanding," says Don Garlits, "it was the Germans in the late 1930s that pioneered nitromethane. They empowered their 12-cylinder rear-engine race cars with it—presumably the Auto Unions. These cars were used on closed autobahns in speed record attempts and they operated with Roots-type superchargers and zoomie headers—those that point upward to generate down pressure.

  Racing Pistons - Breakthrough Button Designs for Pro Mod, Big Turbos and Top Ring Placement Advice.

The advent of the piston button and its subsequent popularity came about because of the convenience it offers. Changing pistons with buttons not only reduces the time taken to replace pistons at the race track, but it also ends the frustration of fiddling about with round wire locks or double spiral versions. Read the full story courtesy of Drag Racer magazine.

  Six helpful tips you need to know about four-barrel carburetor tuning

How do I select the right size of carburetor? 

Carburetor performance is largely based on the air-speed traveling though its venturis. If they are too big the air speed will be reduced, too small and vice-versa.

  How to keep a gasoline carburetor running efficiently.

Ray Bohacz is a journalist in the automotive field and a monthly contributor to Hemming's Muscle Machines magazine.

Additionally, Ray is featured in a series of videos as the SF (Successful Farming) Engine Man. His videos introduce brief, informative features which apply to both farm and automotive equipment.

  Women Welders at the Lincoln Motor Company in 1918. 

Ninety-nine years ago, in Dearborn, Michigan, engineer Henry M. Leland and his son Wilfred established a car production company and called it after Abraham Lincoln.

The company produced its first automobile in 1917, the luxurious V8-powered Lincoln Model L. But as the United States was still engaged in


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