Issue #55
Small block Hemi enters Grudge racing:
Speed, adrenaline, and pure theatrics
Grudge racing has dominated the drag racing scene in the southern US States for decades. But in recent years, the Internet has conquered every part of its frenetic life, particularly Facebook postings that have expanded its Southern origins (Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas) westward to the Mississippi and north to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Further news from MGI:
Quality custom-made billet camshafts: A few questions, some interesting answers

Most camshafts look indistinguishable from one another—even custom camshafts. “Not mine,” declares blown alcohol pulling tractor champion Mike Wilhite. “Mine are 2.5 inches in diameter.”

Wilhite, who runs an engine shop in Bardstown, KY, thirty miles south of Louisville, purchases a 12ft length of 2.5in case-hardened 8620 alloy steel or S7 tool steel bar stock. He then takes the long length of round bar to Russ Yoder at Erson Cams

TorqStorm reveals centrifugal supercharger kit for Chrysler Slant Six, the first of its kind

When TorqStorm’s supercharger exerts itself, expect a boost range that extends from around 1,800 to 6,500rpm, thanks to the design of the compressor wheel. Yet, to the majority of Slant Six owners, slightly less gusto—5,000 to 5,500rpm—would do nicely. And in horsepower increases they can achieve an 85 percent gain...

Clarifying piston balancing and a few words from Kaase.

“It’s hard for me to be persuaded on the merits of piston balancing,” said a leading oval track engine builder recently. “While operating, the piston is being thrust up against one side of the cylinder wall,” he continued, “wedged in one direction on the even bank and in the opposite direction on the uneven bank. I think you’re splitting hairs,” he argued convincingly. “Fine piston balance is neither here nor there.”

The hemi LS: Yes, it’s Real, and it Kicks Ass!

Greg Brown from Hammerhead Performance Engines blankets a 416ci LS with Hemi heads to make 636 HP on pump gas.

Read the story and see the video, courtesy of Hot Rod magazine.

TorqStorm loosens purse strings and donates superchargers at 2018 Holley LS Festivals.

During this year’s Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas, NV (4-6 May) and also Holley’s LS Fest Bowling Green, KY (7-9 Sept), TorqStorm will give away a supercharger at each event to participants in the Rumble Index Class.

The participant with the best package—that is,...

Aluminum repairs – parts restored, appearance improved

A call from a Muscle car owner arrived out of the blue. He told us there’s an aluminum repair specialist in Doraville, whose work deserves recognition, and if you want to learn about such a service, you won’t find another closer.
In Muscle car circles, Doraville, a northern suburb of Atlanta, usually suggests one name: Lamar Walden Automotive. And so it proved to be.
Three questions for 2017 Funny Car champion Robert Hight:

Assisted by crew chiefs Jimmy Prock and Chris Cunningham and team consultant Joe Hornick, Robert Hight succeeded in reaching seven final rounds while winning four of them, setting both the speed and elapsed time national records, and claiming the 2017 Funny Car National championship.
From the Archives:

Under Pressure: why hot rod oiling systems fail

If a fluid is considered incompressible how does any hydraulic system create pressure? An engine’s oiling system bows to many laws of hydraulics even though the oil is not considered a working fluid. An example of a working fluid is brake fluid, which is used to perform the task of forcing brake pistons against brake discs to retard the motion of a vehicle.
Cure for uncomfortably high clutch pedal on late-model street cars

Most late-model street vehicles use an internal hydraulic clutch release bearing, sometimes called a concentric slave cylinder (CSC). Yet, unfathomably, many of them suffer from clutch engagement high on the pedal travel. For most drivers, this is not comfortable. Conveniently, Ram Clutches has introduced a pedal-height adjuster,

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