If a fluid is considered incompressible how does any hydraulic system create pressure? An engine's oiling system bows to many laws of hydraulics even though the oil is not considered a working fluid.  

Further news from MGI:

  EPA threatens ruin to motor sports

About twenty days have passed since three SEMA personnel paid a visit with two top EPA enforcement officers in Washington DC. SEMA had uncovered a few sentences buried in a 630-page document and was seeking clarification. The document related mostly to the emissions of heavy-duty on-road diesel vehicles but also included further proposals that would have extraordinary ramifications to our aftermarket industry.

New belt-drive assemblies for big-block Ford engines

Innovators West has revealed details of its new belt-drive assembly for big-block Ford 385 series engines. The hallmarks of a competent belt-drive assembly are to generate less friction; effectively dampen adverse harmonics before they reach the valve train; maintain precise valve timing, particularly at high engine speeds; and demonstrate...

How two valves working in tandem prevent crisis

The long 5/8in OD supply tube extends down into the nitrous oxide cylinder, its flared end reaching within 5/8in of the cylinder floor. Like a velocity stack the 45-degree flare is formed because fluids or air don't react well to deviating more than 15 degrees says Nitrous Supply's Mike Flynn.

  Basics for building a custom steering column

Hot rods create an environment that removes us far from the chaos of the real world. And their custom innovations are the luxuries they bring to our lives.

For some production shops, developing a one-off design is not in the cards.

  World Products LS Hybrid Small Block

World Products has redesigned their innovative small-block Chevrolet

which allows the use of high flowing LS-style cylinder heads with readily available and affordable SBC rotating assemblies and related components.

  Helpful tips you need to know about racing oils.

Between a crankshaft journal and a rod bearing a film of oil resides in a space approximately the thickness of a human hair.

In last year's Pro Stock 500cu in V8 racing engines, crankshafts were spinning near 11,500rpm. In 2006 the V8 Cosworth F1 racing engine reached an astonishing 20,000rpm.

  Phoenix Systems and Ford-Branded Brake Fluid Test Strips

The most interesting aspect of the test strips is the innovative thinking behind them. Though automobile brake lines are made of steel their bores are coated with copper, which eventually deteriorates and contaminates the fluid. The test strip alerts you to the degree of contamination, if any.

  Ryan Hunter and his hunt to perfect the MLS gasket

SCE Gaskets, headed by Ryan Hunter, recently introduced a new line of MLS (multi-layered steel) cylinder head gaskets that extend to 14 applications with plans to expand LS coverage and to penetrate the Ford Modular ranks.

The starting point, he explains, involves...

  How to sell your wares

Each January, 100 manufacturers of high-performance and racing parts are introduced to the media over a 3-day period at the MPMC conference (Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council).

Media members, editors and publishers, visit with up to 14 exhibitors each day of the conference, culminating in as many as 42...

  Air Flow Research (AFR) at MPMC

Chris Sperling and Tim Torrecarion of Air Flow Research introduced three new products:

• BBF cylinder head

BBF intake manifold

• 18-degree BBC head for Circle Track and Drag Racing

  Blueprint Engines at MPMC

Blueprint introduced their new 400cid Chevrolet-based engine featuring
a cast-iron block, aluminum heads, hydraulic roller cam, roller lifters, oil pan, chrome-plated valve covers. It ships with individual dynamometer results.

  Tach season is upon us – generous discount always leaves favorable impression with racers

During the months of February and March, AutoMeter is making this essential piece of equipment even more affordable with their Tachs Season Rebate Special.

  NHRA changes for 2016

NHRA moves from ESPN to Fox Sports 1
This year, NHRA's Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series will be broadcast on Fox Sports1 (FS1), which will cover sixteen events throughout the season.

Good news for Funny Car
In 2016 NHRA will celebrating the Funny Car's 50th anniversary.

  Wilwood Named as a Series Sponsor with ChumpCar

Building on ChumpCar's abundant racing success, Wilwood has announced a new partnership with the endurance racing specialists, supporting their enduro efforts at more than 40 events annually across four divisions (East, West, Central and Canada). In addition to being listed as a series sponsor, Wilwood will provide...

  Bob Ida resurrects famed Hemi Healey gasser of the 60s

Bob got bit by the hot rod bug early, saving pennies to purchase his first car, a 1934 Ford, which he bought at the tender age of 14. "I would save the lunch money my parents gave me and get lunch handouts from the girls," he says.

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