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Vintage class winner: EMC attracts unexpected 600,000 views.  Exploring the classic turf in distinctive fashion, it was not the first time Jon Kaase had arrived with an unorthodox relic endowed with bewildering technology. Held annually in early October at the University of Northwestern Ohio, his entry produced 770hp with torque never less than 630lb-ft during the entire scored rpm range of 3,700-6,200rpm.
Further news from MGI:
Adding Boost? Compression, cams, and installation headaches.

The two most common uncertainties about the prospects of supercharging are fitment and engine tune. Will the supercharger fit under the hood and will it operate with all its accessories: alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor? The second relates to tuning in general and the preferred compression ratio and camshaft specification in particular.

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A life lived one-quarter mile at a time:
The story of Bob Ida.

By the time Neil Diamond’s single, “Brooklyn Roads”, made it to the Billboard Top 100 in May of 1968, Bob Ida was already more than a decade into what would eventually become a lifetime of automotive and racing legendary. His journey was inspired by a ’32 Ford hot rod. The one he saw on 79th Street when he was around 12 years old.

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New belt-drive assembly for LS

Innovators West is introducing two new belt-drive systems for LS engines. The first will suit engines of stock cam height and be available January 2018. The second will serve raised-cam engines and made available shortly thereafter.

These systems are designed to install without additional machining. Their direct fitment entirely eliminates the toil and cost of removing the engine, dismantling the block, machining it and reinstalling.

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Losing spark on your HEI ignition?

In this video Ray Bohacz explains how to diagnose and solve common problems associated with HEI ignition systems. These include marking the unit before dismantling, the care required during dismantling, checking the pick-up with an Ohmmeter, and examining the ignition module, which replaces the breakers by turning the coil on and off, and the remedy for overheating that causes intermittent spark.

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Joe Hornick: The man who mastered consultancy in racing.

At the lower rear corner of the rear wing of 2017 Funny Car National Champion, Robert Hight, a decal displays three letters: JHE, an abbreviation of Joe Hornick Enterprises. Hight won this year’s national championship at Pomona, Calif., and JHE, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, assisted them with technical know-how throughout the year.

Seven consecutive Pro Stock victories, 10 wins from 24 events, and two new racing head designs.

How did Mike Androwick achieve such remarkable results in 2017 with Gray Motorsports’ Pro Stock entries? “We work as a team,” he replies. The team that concentrates on power production comprises Mike and Mike Jr., Androwick’s 30-year-old son, and two full time employees,...

From the Archives:

Inadequate ignition timing:
The carb tuner’s most intractable problem

Highly tuned engines, those with high-performance camshafts, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds often exhibit a lazy response or, worse, hesitate under acceleration or die at idle.

Interestingly, these perennial troubles are invariably resolved by increasing the initial or static ignition timing.
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