Issue #52
Hammerhead Hemi peaks 928hp: 427ci SB Ford.  The sound of the dyno approaching 8,000rpm was almost ear splitting. It was the first Friday of June and sitting in an open wooden-framed space at Charlie Pepper’s engine shop in Auburn, near Atlanta, Greg Brown’s innovative Hemi heads on a Man O’ War 427ci small-block Ford peaked at 928hp at 7,700rpm and generated a maximum torque figure of 674.0lb ft at 6,000rpm.
Further news from MGI:
To intercool or not to intercool?

Racers, by instinct, explore every avenue that might lead them to more power. They know that the introduction of compressed air to the cylinders generates heat and excessive heat provokes early detonation. The common solution for expelling excessive heat is to install an intercooler. But what about hot rodders who enjoy most of their driving pleasures at part-throttle on the streets.

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World Products all-new Merlin IV Block for Chevrolets

WP has completely redesigned and re-tooled their famed Merlin big-block to achieve higher performance and ease of use for engine builders and racers. Starting with all-new foundry tooling and machining fixtures, they have made improvements to virtually every area of the new Merlin IV.

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How to avoid your next traffic ticket

Does the type of car you drive make a difference to the amount of tickets it might receive? The most ticketed luxury car is the Lexus ES 300 and the least ticketed compact car is the Honda Civic.

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Vic Edelbrock Junior, August 23, 1936 – June 9, 2017

Eighty years of age, Vic Edelbrock Jr. reportedly died from complications arising from a cold. He passed away at his home in Rolling Hills, California on Friday, June 9, 2017. I first met him around the turn of the Millennium when he came to consider the possible purchase of the carburetor manufacturing operation where I was employed.

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52mm Blow-off valve for all single and twin TorqStorm supercharger kits

TorqStorm Superchargers has increased the size of their compressor blow-off valve from 38mm to 52mm. The new device was a logical step to ease the work load on the supercharger’s compressor wheel—a move precipitated partly because their existing 38mm unit was operating near full capacity and partly because the new 52mm successor offers better control of air.

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Cure for uncomfortably high clutch pedal on late-model street cars

Most late-model street vehicles use an internal hydraulic clutch release bearing, sometimes called a concentric slave cylinder (CSC). Yet, unfathomably, many of them suffer from clutch engagement high on the pedal travel. For most drivers, this is not comfortable.

Streamlined Era – Pics from the past

Streamlining is a form of structure that lessens resistance and turbulence to air flow. Although its golden age is normally associated with the nineteen-thirties, the first streamlined car, the Rumpler Tropfenwagen emerged in 1921. Streamline-inspired forms were most prominent in aircraft designs, but they...

Racing valve springs: Sound rules to remember

Here's a brief insight developed for those interested in high-performance engine technology that explains the severity of the environment in which the valve spring operates and some of its relationships with the various functions of the valve train.

A car visionary and his plan to change racing at Le Mans in 2018

Could an electric car using a 1,000-pound battery pack successfully compete at Le Mans? News from Autoweek revealed  ambitious plans of Panoz's  Green4U Racing GT-EV. A model of the all-electric, all-wheel-drive car had its debut at the company display at the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ignition for beginners

There are two common types of ignition systems: capacitive and inductive. The coil is supplied power by one or the other. Inductive, which is still the most common and employed on most road-going passenger cars, charges the coil with 14.6 volts and discharges between 200-300 volts into the coil’s secondary windings.

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