The response to our recent account of the new small-block Ford Hemi cylinder head from Hammerhead Performance Engines inspired tens of thousands. This week, December 8-10, Greg Brown, the product creator will debut the new heads, rockers, valve covers at the 2016 PRI exhibition in Indianapolis. His exhibit can be observed at the World Products booth #1343.  

Further news from MGI:

  Androwick on Oval Track, Pro Stock, a new racing head, an intake and a vacancy

In the past eight years, Mike Androwick's reputation along with that of his son, Mike Jr. had become synonymous with designing and preparing race-winning cylinder heads for big-block Super Dirt Series championship winners. Displaying at booth #2332 at this week's PRI exhibition here are two of his latest innovations.

  New idea, new price: Steering news for short-track racers
Did you know most hydraulic racing and high-performance power steering pumps are rebuilt street car pumps and that electric steering is regarded as the single worst attribute of the modern road-going car? Lack of consistent feel and listlessness on-center are its common criticisms.

  Artful Dodgers: How crafty racers succeed

"I once saw a nitrous oxide system concealed within a brake booster," says Nitrous Supply's Mike Thermos. "The illicit charge was transmitted by way of the vacuum line and into the intake manifold. Another bamboozle I recall prevailed by delivering nitrous through the heater hoses."

  New Edelbrock Victor II 5.0L Coyote Intake Manifold

Designed for use with Ford Coyote engines running in the 1500 – 7500 rpm operating range. To gain optimum performance it features long tapered, crossover-style runners with a large plenum.

  Kenny Duttweiler holds court at PRI

Following his feats of power production with the famous land-speed record breaker, the Streamliner, Kenny Duttweiler is admired as much for capturing the turbo era and its mood at the Bonneville Salt Flats as the life he has lived since the age of 12, cleaning carbon deposits from engine valves in the flower of his youth.

Hear him speak: Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Saturday, Dec 10, 8 till 8:50am: Kenny's presentation is open to all, a free walk-in and sit-down affair.

  Four minutes of pictures: Rules and technique for building a supercharger

TorqStorm's co-founder, Chris Brooker, has a background in tool-and-die making, a talent for complex engineering calculations and an abiding fondness for superchargers. Upon a visit to their factory, technical sales manager, Rick Lewis reveals several unique details.

  Lightweight steering column for racing chassis & hot rods

Designed for the Sportsman racer—drag racer, auto-crosser—the entire column weighs a tad over 5 pounds. It also accommodates quick-release steering wheel hubs, making it ideal for driving the car to and from the track.

  Best innovation for drivers obliged to carry ballast

Earlier we published a story explaining the function and benefit of the tuned mass damper to the racer. This device received much of the credit for winning the 2005 Formula One World Championship for Renault. So successful was its implementation it was banned. Still, the technology remains relevant and incorporating the device would benefit any racer who is obliged to carry ballast.

  Exclusive LS3 crate engine just announced

From Ohio Speed Shops.
Owner Chuck Fitch has released information on their latest GM LS3 6.2L 525HP crate engine package with self-learning EFI system.

And for a limited time they offer Free dyno testing and engine break-in service. 48-state Free Truck Freight shipping also applies.

  What is a good clutch?

There are several schools of thought on the question of what constitutes a good clutch.

But first there are two separate strands to this narrative that need to be addressed: street or track. It's key to distinguish whether the car will be used mostly for high-performance street-travel or for track use and its purpose needs to be decided.

  Ian Tocher takes tough decision for better prospects

Ian Tocher's total recovery from severe injury was blighted when infection penetrated his injured left leg in mid-October. Two weeks and four days ago he took the decision to go prosthetic and have it amputated below the knee.


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