Issue #58
Valve springs, valve clearance, bounce, float, and surge: A few helpful details.
Valve springs have two primary tasks: first, to close the valve after the camshaft opens it and, second, to maintain proper valve clearance, also known as valve lash. Read why valve clearance is required for solid tappets (lifters).
Further news from MGI:
How Kaase’s 2017 EMC-winning engine proved a point:

“On my last year’s Edsel EMC contender,” recalls Kaase,” I had single conical springs and noticed the intake adopting a rhythm and floating the valves about 6,000rpm.  So, I installed stronger springs and lost 15hp. I speculated the deficiency may involve the intake valves only,...
Developing Benetton’s F1 Active suspension system.

I joined Benetton in 1988 when they decided to create an R&D department to support their Formula One active suspension ambitions.

Both Lotus and Williams had already seized the moment, pushing well ahead with similar programs. Though Benetton was also running an Active test car, they employed a staff of only 80, considerably fewer than the other leading teams.

Recalling Sig Erson: the rise of an unusual mind.

Five and a half decades ago, in 1963, the shop foreman at Isky Racing Cams in Los Angeles departed to form his own camshaft company. He called it Sig Erson Racing Cams.

He orchestrated its agenda, and he led its pursuits until he sold it in 1982. In business, his central aim was inextricably linked to the tricky concept of...

Obituary: Tom “Mongoose” McEwen 1937 – 2018.

The man who achieved more for modern drag racing than any other has departed. Tom “Mongoose” McEwen died in his sleep sometime on Sunday night or Monday morning 10-11 June 2018 at the age of 81.

McEwen was a rare bird: he had an intelligent, productive mind, a gambler’s nerve, and his word was dependable.
Resurrected from the depths after 34 years.

Donald Campbell’s 300mph record-breaking jet-powered hydroplane, Bluebird K7, has been rebuilt. The vessel was salvaged in March 2001 from the bottom of Lake Coniston, in Cumbria, England, following Campbell’s fatal crash in 1967. It is now readied for testing.

Yoder on the foolish selection of aggressive camshafts, roller lifter failures, and springs.

The primary reason for selecting an aggressive camshaft profile is to bolster the inefficiencies of a cylinder head. The more aggressive the cam profile, the more spring loading is required to keep the lifter in contact with the lobe. Aggressive cam profiles are generally judged unnecessary for use with efficient cylinder heads.

TorqStorm Updates: Sales, Relocation, and what we can learn from Tuner Kits.

According to Chris Beardsley of TorqStorm, the Michigan supercharger firm produced and supplied more kits by July 2018 than it accomplished during the entire year of 2017.

Formed in 2009, TorqStorm is a subsidiary of Accelerated Tooling founded by Chris Brooker and Scott Oshinski, both of whom served their apprenticeships in the tool and die profession.
From the Archives:

Comparison: Testing a TorqStorm.

Early in the winter of 2015, Pace Performance of Boardman, Ohio, initiated a dyno test to ascertain the merits of the TorqStorm supercharger. Keen to learn how it would perform against a known rival, they promptly dispatched a 383cid small-block Chevrolet to the premises of Lamar Walden Automotive...
How to adjust a carburetor choke.

New Jersey native Ray Bohacz is a respected engine builder. Though he relished the challenge of preparing race-winning engines, his earliest memories were linked to farming and its many aspects—particularly its mechanics. Recently he has combined these interests by demonstrating the value of short, technical trouble-solving videos.

No doubt most of us have encountered problems with carburetor chokes, so watch for Ray’s good advice.

Read More.
How to add 5hp to the race engine throughout the rev range:

Each generation of induction technology continually evolves; here is the latest. Measuring two inches deep, Mike Androwick of Mike’s Racing Heads has introduced a new lightweight four-hole tapered spacer to suit all 4150-style mounting flanges. It accommodates a wide range of competition engines. It is also said to fulfill the higher expectations of Dirt Late Model racers.

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