Testing a TorqStorm: Inside story.  Last fall, Pace Performance, the Boardman, Ohio engine suppliers had plans to engage TorqStorm as their supercharger supplier. But first they required a comprehensive appraisal. The appraisal would take the form of dynamometer tests and we were invited to record the event.

Further news from MGI:

  New lightweight cast-iron racing block emerges: SBC power up to 750hp

Does a heavier engine block harm the prospects of a race car?

If you sought the support of savvy oval track engine builders about a 750hp block that has every admirable feature except one—it weighs 30lbs more than the lightest available—they'd state their position in two words: Too heavy!

  Remedy for Jeep's steering ailments: Solutions all hot rodders should know.

Many consider type CJ Jeeps, those in production from 1976 to '86 susceptible to internal steering column ailments, particularly the open-top models where the column could be exposed to rain, snow, dirt and dust which hastens wear. The wear is not reflected in the steering column's ability to turn the wheels—

  Tough NMRA classes beg the question: What is a good clutch?

There are several schools of thought on the question of what constitutes a good clutch.

But first there are two separate strands to this narrative that need to be addressed: street or track. It's key to distinguish whether the car will be used mostly for high-performance street-travel or for track use and its purpose needs to be decided. In either case the clutch has to...

  Ancient outdoor museum with 4,400 junk cars: Nostalgic fix for old car lovers

Upon arrival, the shock and amazement is something I will never be able to put into words. Over 4,000 vintage cars resting on 34 acres connected by six miles of trails, this family-owned outdoor museum has operated since 1931.

  Four most likely causes of a weak gasoline engine.

The causes for lackluster performance between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine are as different as the fuels they use.

A gas engine traditionally becomes lazy due to an ignition advance issue, worn timing chain, incorrect air-to-fuel ratio, or restricted exhaust.

Ray Bohacz, the SF Engine Answerman explains

  Photojournalist Ian Tocher - recovery update:

Ian Tocher, has made significant strides in his recovery since being struck during Ronnie Davis's tragic crash in Rockingham, NC on April 9th. After receving life-saving urgent care and numerous follow-up surgeries and procedures at UNC Charlotte Medical Center, Tocher was transported to a facility nearer his home in the Atlanta, GA area. A support fund has been established to help Ian with medical expenses.

  World's most powerful Y-block?

"To the best of my knowledge," said Jon Kaase, "prior to last year's Engine Masters Challenge, the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford Y-block engine produced around 600 hp." This enduring feat, however, was substantially exceeded on January 17, 2016, when Kaase's efforts raised the peak power record to 709 hp @ 6,300 RPM and 748-lb.ft. of torque at 5,400 RPM.

  Head to Beech Bend Raceway Park
Father's Day weekend, June 16-18.

Make it an outing for the 14th Annual Holley National Reunion presented by AAA Insurance, in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Watch the Hot Heads Eliminator Nostalgia Nitro Quarter-mile Drag Racing, the Heacock Classic Cruise In and Fanfest (Wednesday-downtown), a huge swap meet and much more.

  Competition piston rings and what the OEMs taught us

In our racing world we tend to think of ourselves as the elite corps. But in pistons and more particularly piston ring design, it is not our racing brains that are the driving force but those of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. In fact, if we're not careful our tow vehicles will operate with 1 x 1 x 2mm ring packs before our race cars.

  Just Like the Original, Only Better. 

AutoMeter's line of direct fit mounting solutions continues to expand with the inclusion of these high quality, American made, billet aluminum dash panels. Precision engineered for a perfect fit, these panels drastically simplify the process of gauge installation while providing...

  Big plug gaps mean big power?

"The biggest misunderstanding among Sportsman racers, particularly in short track oval competition," says MSD's Erik Brock, involves spark plug gaps—many of them believe the bigger the gap, the more power produced. But this is not the case.

  Clever new adjustable PCV valve–the first of its kind.

M/E Wagner has invented a dual-flow adjustable PCV valve. As implied the valve features two independent, adjustable circuits—an idle and a cruise. It was pioneered to aid the evacuation of undesirable crankcase gases in a wide range of high-performance street engines and to simplify tuning.


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