Issue #57
Competition valve locks: Brief guide
Even a brief assessment of the valve lock will quickly convince us it’s at the heart of the competition valve train.

If engines are exposed to over-revving—provoking valve springs and sometimes valve retainers to float—we are dependent upon the valve lock to remain locked or else...
Further news from MGI:
2018 Hot Rod Power Tour: World’s largest traveling car show

Active since 1994, this year’s highly anticipated Hot Rod Power Tour is expected to attract over 6,000 vehicles and 100,000-plus spectators, making it the largest traveling car-show in the world. TorqStorm co-founders Scott Oshinski and Chris Brooker, together with their factory crew, have committed to the Long Haul option of this year’s Hot Rod Power Tour, Saturday 9 June to Friday 15.
They ran the company with prudence for 100 years, then ignored technology and buried it in ten.

Robots at the front desk and in the kitchen are among the fears prompting a possible strike this month by Las Vegas hotel and casino workers. It is yet another example reflecting the speed and pervasiveness of new technologies, to say nothing of software advances that will continue to disrupt most traditional industries.

Joe Hornick provides technical aid to three top finishers at NHRA Topeka: Courtney Force, Robert Hight, and Shawn Cowie.

Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, Joe Hornick Enterprises (JHE) is one of the foremost specialist companies in the field of race engine research and development. Top Alcohol Dragster specialist, Norm Grimes says, "JHE does not sell parts to competing teams—although they could. Instead they direct their energies to facilitate one team per class and avoid conflicts."

The woman who mastered the LS Fest…twice

Brenda Cox has a gift for drag racing.
In Bracket and Index events in 2017, she won two NMCA races back-to-back at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California, and conspicuously repeated the double triumph by winning the LS Fest West in Las Vegas in 2017, the inaugural event, and again in 2018.

Cooling troubles and how to correct them

In this brief video summary, Ray Bohacz tells us that it is not the radiator that cools the engine. That the engine is cooled by liquid and the liquid is cooled by the radiator. Troubles arise through the formation of deposits in the radiator, which reduce its cooling capacity.  Use an infrared heat gun to detect the cold part of the radiator core, which is where the trouble lies.

41st Classic Motorsports Mitty presented by Hagerty

It was Lord Melbourne’s unfaithful wife who said of Byron—he’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know. This was how I felt about Road Atlanta nearly two decades ago when I first took to the track in a 1-liter Suzuki GSXR-powered Radical D-sport.
Reaching a 1m: 33s lap time took forever to accomplish and later persuading it into the twenties, with 1,300lbs and few of today’s aero efficiencies, was faster than I wanted to travel.

The 4-link system – credit where due please!

In response to our Don Garlits article of 12 Nov 2013 on the pioneering of the rear-engine dragster, one of our readers, Mr D. Smith, made this noteworthy comment concerning the invention of drag racing’s ubiquitous four-link system:
From the Archives:

You may not think it will kill your clutch but it will

Why precipitate the loss of a perfectly good clutch when it can be avoided? Ram Clutches offers two valuable tips:
On chassis dynamometers and at the drag strip.
Motown LS: Unfamiliar hybrid

What’s the motivation for adapting LS cylinder heads to a small-block Chevrolet engine?

Why not just go out and buy a used LS-series? It’s a modern power unit; it’s bestowed with high flowing heads, it’s readily available and it’s affordable…all the benefits you could desire. Except there’s a catch—the inconvenient fact is there’s a ton of work required to get it installed properly, coupled to...

How steering columns relate to ergonomics:

If you aspire to own or build a great hot rod, especially a street rod, never take the positioning of a steering column for granted. Variations in cockpit and seat dimensions, particularly seat height, as well as steering wheel design and human proportions play an important role.

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