Issue #51
America’s first help line for race engine builders:  JHE (Joe Hornick Enterprises) consults with engine builders from the most successful race teams to the smallest engine shops. They’ve also been instrumental in shaping a vibrant valve spring supply outlet. “We use their valve springs on short-track oval engines,” says  Jack Cornett, “and when we test them mid-season (maybe around 750 laps) they’ll test stronger than they were when new. In my forty years of race engine building I’d never seen that before.”
Further news from MGI:
Carbon fiber driveshafts. Setting the template for the foreseeable future?

Lighter and stronger than conventional driveshafts, the unorthodox carbon fiber units fulfill an even more important role: they are at the heart of traction, attempting to deter any disruption of the tire’s contact patch.

When you watch video evidence of 3-degrees of torsional compliance, it's a mental image that will endure.

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Handsome hat from TorqStorm Superchargers: more hood clearance less turbulence

Transferring pressurized air from a supercharger via a right-angle turn into the carburetor can be a tricky calculation—turbulence means power loss. Accordingly, TorqStorm collaborated with air flow specialist Dave Visner in its creation.

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LS, Coyote, & Mopar harmonic balancer removal in minutes

Those familiar with LS engines will often tell you the most frustrating part in the dismantling process is the removal of the harmonic damper. For some, the process consumes hours. But a new patented tool, the GGT-180 from G & G Technics overcome the impediments.

See how it's done in minutes.

Partial deliveries of pulley/belt combinations barely adequate?
How to do it better and how some road racers could raise their game.

Being able to acquire combinations of pulleys—both accurately made and durable, off-the-shelf and onto the engine quickly can be a time consuming process.
“Do you know how long it takes to organize this stuff in individual pieces,” says Cody Haskins. "It’s longer than the average engine builder wants to mess with...

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How to add 5hp to the race engine throughout the rev range:

Using the power of big-block modified racing engines as his datum, Mike Androwick explains that this new tapered spacer generates a further five horsepower when tested against the most competitive spacers he could find. Multiple tiny terraces act as anti-reversion aids, resisting reverse airflow...

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New date: Sept. 16 - ididit’s car show & open house

Michigan weather isn’t always as consistent as the quality of vehicles on display, according to the company. Originally slated for the first week in October, ididit’s Car Show & Open House has weathered snow, rain and cold temperatures in recent years. In an attempt to dodge the weather, the company decided to...

Interested in nitrous? Make more power with a simple nozzle change

Nitrous Supply has introduced significant improvements to the design of their new Fang II nozzle. Fuel is discharged via the two fang-like orifices beneath the larger nitrous opening, creating better fuel atomization across the entire plume.
Mike Thermos, the nitrous specialist of over forty years, says “If there is another 90-degree nozzle that flows more than this, I’m unaware of it.”

Full grids and spectators in abundance for Mitty’s 40th Anniversary 2017

Beautifully preserved, the Walter Mitty racing weekend, April 21-23, has never been relegated and rarely obscured. The legacy of a group of Atlanta road racing enthusiasts who conceived the idea in the mid-nineteen-seventies, the Mitty resurrects our memories of racing’s bygone charms.

New Digital HP CD Ignition System

PerTronix, the California-based exhaust and ignition specialist recently introduced a new CD ignition system called the Digital HP. Smallness, greater spark energy, 3-step rev limiter and price are among its advances. There are more:

How to adjust a carburetor choke

New Jersey native Ray Bohacz is a respected engine builder. Though he relished the challenge of preparing race-winning engines, his earliest memories were linked to farming and its many aspects—particularly its mechanics. Recently he has combined these interests by demonstrating the value of short, technical trouble-solving videos.

Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Pumps

They feature a durable simple design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. In addition, they are easy to install and they operate quietly so you won’t know they’re there!

Wilwood Disc Brakes Introduces New Tru-Bar 60-Degree Remote Pedal Master Cylinder Mount

Wilwood’s Tru-Bar 60-Degree Master Cylinder Mount for remote brake pedal applications utilizes a fixed trunnion bearing within the pivot lever and pushrod spherical bearing ends.

Mopar owners: ididit’s new 1970-76 Chrysler A Body tilt steering column

The 1970-76 Chrysler A-Body tilt floor-shift column features 8-position tilt, self-canceling turn signals, 4-way flashers, wire plug, id.CLASSIC ignition, knobs & levers, are fully collapsible and has a 3/4″ DD extendable lower shaft.

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